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Sidwell StreetShauls Bakery was started by baker Terrance Charlton who opened his first shop in South Lawn Terrace, Exeter, in 1961. That bakery has since moved and is now a block of flats (fittingly named Shaul House) but since that original bakery, the business has grown to operate 14 shops and employ 160 staff throughout south and east Devon and Somerset, making the popular bakery a regular stop for shoppers from Torquay to Bridgwater.

Even though times have changed since those first days in South Lawn Terrace, the bakery still proudly produces pasties to the original recipe from 1961, which are freshly baked in-store each day. One of Shaul’s shops in Sidwell Street, Exeter, has recently undergone a facelift with fresh new branding to brighten up its image and improve the shopping experience for customers. This is a sign of things to come, with plans afoot to roll the new retail concept out to the other 13 bakeries in the next couple of years.

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